Popular La Palma Restaurants

La Capilla is a good place eat to get middle of the road gringo safe mexi-fare .  Been here bunch of times and tried a bunch of dishes.  My fav is the shrimp and crab enchiladas. Very tasty. Next is the Arroz con pollo and beef fajitas are both pretty flavorful . Fresh flower tort’s are good too.

I like the beans here (they use lard??) and the S-Rice is middle of the road chicken stock and red chili variety. The red sauce is put on most of the dishes is a little bland for my tastes. The chips & salsa is OK, warm chips mild sauce.  Good for mixed family groups, where there are mixed Mexican tastes. Something for most everyone that they’ll like.

Love going to the Pho House for many reasons.
1. The price is not too much. Pho isn’t something that is really expensive and most of the things on the menu are reasonably price.
2. I really like the service here. Most of the times that I have gone if you just get pho then it doesn’t take that long to get your food. The people that work there are really nice.
3. The dishes that aren’t pho are also good. I really like there chicken dishes and the desert that they give for free. At the end of your meal the restaurant gives you a free cup of tapioca pudding for desert.

I’ve been coming to Johnie’s Jr Burgers since high school. Their food is pretty good, and their prices are pretty great too.

I love their cheeseburgers (w/ grilled onions, and on wheat buns). I switch it up between here and In-N-Out. Their turkey burgers are good, fried mushrooms/zucchini/onion rings are pretty bomb, and their chili cheese fries w/ onions are decent. Their fries are awesome! The seasoning on it is spot-on for the most part, but sometimes too salty.

Wasn’t a big fan of the T-bone steak and eggs plate, since I’m used to grilling up good steaks at home. But for the price, it’s not bad. I hear their breakfast burritos are good. Think I might try it on my next visit.

They also take phone orders if you wanna call ahead, and skip the wait (since everything is made to order). I would definitely recommend this place to everyone.


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